The Audio Underdog List--Update 1

2013-07-08 00:43:46 by CapnCoconuts

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The following musicians were nominated and selected for inclusion into the Audio Underdog List. These artists need more love. You can give them more love by writing reviews for their music, sharing that music with your friends, and/or sharing this list with your friends. Try to get your friends to nominate users!

For your convenience, nominators have selected one song written by each nominee which they felt was most suitable for expressing the talent of their nominated artist. For being such good sports, I've also listed the nominators after their nominees. Some of these guys happen to be underappreciated musicians as well, so how about you check them out?

Underdogs listed in chronological order of nomination.

MockOff, nominated by Wurfel-Waffles
- Conformity (Indie Song)

Krautergeist, nominated by Wurfel-Waffles
- Warfighters (Cinematic Song)

Bspendlove, nominated by Wurfel-Waffles
- The City (Cinematic Song)

Nimble, nominated by Bosa
- [Nim]Act 2: Downtown (Cinematic Song)

industrialplayground, nominated by LichLordMusic
- Murder Me (Industrial Song)

MobiusIII, nominated by CapnCoconuts
- Showdown (Video Game Song)

SpinWires, nominated by FustigateM
- I Don't Care I Love It (Pop Song)

Self-nominations are still forbidden, but you can still get a link to your profile on the list by nominating someone else.

A new list will be posted next week. Help the list by finding more users that need some publicity! If you have a suggestion that isn't too difficult to implement, or just want to make a comment, go right ahead.


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2013-07-12 08:05:05

diggin your music bruh!