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The New Underdog List

2013-06-30 13:43:36 by CapnCoconuts

I spent some time looking in the archives and found a topic about a list of underdog audio developers. For some reason, the guy maintaining that list stopped doing so about 4 years ago, but the topic kept going in spite of that, and it was eventually locked.

Since I haven't seen anyone else attempt to start it up again, and since the mod that locked the topic said that it was OK to make a new topic, well... I think I'll volunteer, with this being the new topic. So now, without further ado...

Welcome to the New Underdog List!

The purpose of this topic is to find and showcase works made with talent that have been buried by the loads of not-so-talented stuff on the portal. By doing so, hopefully the underdogs will be a little more mainstream, and a bit easier to access by people people who want good music.

What Should be Considered an Underdog?

This is one of these things that can be subjective in certain circumstances. Nonetheless, for the sake of order and decency, there has to be some objective criteria for nominations to the list. So, I submit to you the following:

1) The musician must have composed at least 3 songs, each of which should be of respectable quality.
Having a few songs to listen to is nice, as it allows others to get a feel for the composer's style. It'd also be nice if those songs were actually pleasant to listen to.

2) Pick the song of theirs which you think is best and link to it.
That song will be recommended on the list. Alternatively, pick a song that has gotten much less attention than the others.

3) No more than 5 reviews for each of the four most recent submissions.
Or three, if the nominee only has the bare minimum of songs. On another note, please don't nominate an artist that's submitted loads of music that's gotten loads of reviews who just happened to submit 4+ songs a few hours ago. OF COURSE he's not going to have enough reviews on his new songs.

4) Only nominate active artists unless your potential nominee is totally awesome.
If they haven't submitted audio in a month, they might not care about submitting audio anymore, and thus might not care about being an Underdog... so unless your dude is totally rad, look for someone else to nominate.

Sadly, the majority of the Underdog nominations on the old topic were self-nominations, which kinda made that topic suck. Sorry, but you can't self-nominate here. If you want to self-advertise your audio, there's a topic for that.

How This Works

Nominations and debate on those nominations will occur in this thread. Periodically, I will make news posts containing the lists on my user page. Links to list updates will be provided. And with that... happy nominating to the nominators, and may all of you as a whole enjoy all that the list has to offer!

(This is a repost of the forum thread. Please go there to nominate people for the list.)


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